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I have been fond of animals for as long as I can remember and have loved the great outdoors since I was little. In addition to my first feathered pets I had many loan dogs over the years and at the age of seventeen I got my first horse, which was my steady companion for fifteen years. The long-cherished wish for a dog of my own was fulfilled many years later, when an old husky lady moved in with me and enriched my life that much. Now we live here together with our 30 huskies.

My occupational development has led to various different stations, until I ended up in my current work, the fields of bodywork (shiatsu and craniosacral therapy) and counseling (logotherapy and existential analysis).

After several stays in the far north, living a simpler life in accordance with its largely unspoiled nature, an old desire – spending a great deal of my life outdoors and with animals – began to take root again and I finally realized my dream. Thanks to this new lifestyle I feel like I have gained a different perspective on life and my way to inner peace.

More information: www.wertsein.at


It all started in 1998 with Jenny, our mixed-breed dog from the animal shelter.

In 1999 the first huskies, Acoma and Laica, joined the pack. Fascinated by these marvelous animals, I decided to devote my life to these sled dogs. Over the years the pack grew and we trained for smaller and also bigger competitions and were able to celebrate many personal achievements.

A few years ago we retired from the racing scene. Our goals in recent years have been mountain tours, glacier crossing and first ascents with the dog sled, like crossing the Ötztaler and Kaunertaler glaciers to Italy. The original life in close touch with nature and trying to become one with it is my greatest motivation.

More information: www.husky.co.at