The pack

We live together with thirty sled dogs (Siberian Huskies, Canadian Inuit Dogs and Yukon Huskies).

Sled dogs are highly social and gregarious animals. A species-appropriate pack life, the social coexistence and the greatest possible amount of freedom are just as important for these animals as is intensive contact and working together with humans.

Here in Sweden our pack lives in a fenced in forest area of roughly four thousand square meters, where our house is located, too. The dogs have plenty of space and can move around freely, but can also interact with us whenever they want.

It is always a glorious experience to just watch our animals and see how they are enjoying themselves. The extensive sled tours through unspoiled nature and working as a team round out the perfect life for us.


Kevejo came to us from an animal shelter in Wörgl in 2011 and has settled in quite well by now. He is a bit of a clown and needs a lot of human affection. He enjoys pulling the sled but is not always willing to give it his all.


We got Cherokee from Ragne and Leif, Vesterelva & Viddas Husky in Norway. He is a quiet, cuddly, very intelligent, hardworking and diligent husky, a real stroke of luck. He has evolved into a reliable leader.


Nakima is a Yukon Husky, an almost forgotten sled dog breed from the Yukon and Mackenzie River area. She is a very large dog (the pack’s largest) with an athletic frame very similar to that of a wolf. She is still very young and playful, but loves to run in the team and has a boundless willingness to work.


Nayelee is Nakima’s smaller but also cheekier sister. A great, endearing and very cuddly young husky, who – together with Cherokee – has evolved into a reliable leader.


Just like her half sister Chennocha she is a very calm and cuddly dog, and also an excellent worker.


Navaya’s sister is a clever but also dominant dog, who – together with Umiak – has been a leader for many years. Now, with almost ten years, she feels more comfortable in the second row, but is still motivated to give it everything.


He is Tanisha’s offspring and a real giant with incredible charisma. He knows exactly where his strengths lie and acts accordingly. He is a very self-confident dog.


An exceptional dog and our very best leader. She is ready to lead the team and take them safely to their destination in any given situation, whether it is a snow storm, a hurricane on the mountain, deep snow or almost insurmountable steep slopes.


Another one of Tanisha’s offsprings. He is a strong and persevering runner, but also affectionate and cuddly.


Over the years he has evolved into a confident, proud husky and has got what it takes to be a great alpha dog one day.


Kenai is one of Tamaya’s offsprings, who is just as shy as his mother. He enjoys running and is starting to let himself get caressed by strangers.


He is Kenai’s brother and together with Maya our best leader. The two of them harmonize extremely well and master even the most difficult situations calmly and confidently.


She is a Canadian Inuit Dog, a young, very clever and most of all fearless dog, who is already running in lead position, next to Naskapi.


Eowyn’s sister is a clever and rather dominant dog, who’s got what it takes to become the new alpha female.


He is now one year old (das mit dem 1 Jahr – bitte gerne auch beim Deutschen ändern, danke!) and with 33 kg the heaviest of Atreju´s and Eowyn´s offspring. He is quite dominant.


He is the smallest male dog, he loves to cuddle and is very clever.


When he was born, he was the smallest one, but meanwhile he developed really good.


He is a gentle giant.


She is a small, very gentle dog and she is fast like the wind.


She always wants to take part at everthing we do.


With 32 kg she is the largest female dog from Atreju´s and Eowyn´s offspring, but nevertheless cautious and shy.